Space Portals V2 [Output Portal]

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Space Portals V2 [Output Portal]

Cool WAV 😎🌊
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Space Portals Volume 2 is a collection of 15 Presets for the Granular FX plugin Portal. A how to install video is included.

Preset List

  1. Dry Wet 50-50
  2. Finish Him
  3. I'm Leaving You
  4. Reverse Time Machine
  5. Reversed 50 Percent
  6. Right Drummer
  7. Runaway Love
  8. Sorry 4 the Pain
  9. Spread your Wings
  10. Subtle Sanity
  11. Super Duper Fire Delay 1-4D
  12. Take it Down a Notch
  13. The Drum Store
  14. The Game of Life
  15. Vibes are Hazy

Refund Policy: No refunds or exchanges. Watch the demo video to hear an audition of each Preset. Please download Space Portals Vol. 1 (free) first to see if you like Cool WAV's sound design style.

Email: contactcoolwav@gmail.com

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